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Things You Must Have In Your List When Shopping In Dubai

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There’s no denying Dubai’s claim to be the greatest shopping hub with its heady combination of massive malls and conventional souks. The area is a sanctuary for shopaholics, with many shopping hotspots where you can pick up exclusive souvenirs for your loved ones. We’ve curated an exciting list of one-of-a-kind items that are fully associated with Dubai. Things that have become a part of the emirate’s shopping fabric – and will continue to do so for several years to come! Continue reading to learn more about these must-have’ Dubai jewels.

Camel Milk Chocolate

Let’s begin with something delicious, and what could be more tempting than a bar of chocolate? This time, though, we’re staring at chocolate with a surprise. Al Nassma’s delectable treat is made with the finest camel milk, real bourbon vanilla, and pure cocoa butter. It’s a one-of-a-kind gift that reflects Dubai’s rich Arabian community.


The colourful traditional Emirati lanterns are another inexpensive collector’s item to purchase in Dubai. These stunning lanterns have inlaid mirrors and glass that necessitate master craftsmanship. These works of art are the product of a considerable amount of creativity and hard work.

Copper and tin lanterns are two other materials used to make these conventional lanterns. The detailed artwork on these copper and tin models is interwoven with small glass bits. Both the glass and copper lanterns are ideal for decorating both inside and outside the house.

Arabic Coffee

Arabic coffee is the next item on the list of the best items to buy in Dubai. Arabic specialised coffee shops can be found throughout the capital. Four of the best locations to buy Arabic coffee in Dubai are Specialty Batch, Jabena Specialty Coffee, Seven Fortunes Coffee Roasters, and Al Rifai. The online shops Café Bateel and Coffee Planet also sell luxury Arabic coffee products.

Arabic Coffee Pots

Arabic coffee cups, branded locally as “dallah,” are ideal decorations to bring home from Dubai. These one-of-a-kind and beautiful coffee pots exemplify the UAE’s heritage and spirit.

For specific conventional Emirati households, qahwa or kava sets are handed on from generation to generation. These typical sets are often made of gold, silver, and precious stones, making them expensive collectables. These coffee pots and kava packs, on the other hand, are usually cheap buys available at numerous kiosks and shops throughout the region.

Camel-Milk Soap

Camel-milk soap from the Camel Soap Factory is another great souvenir to bring around. These all-natural soaps contain 25% camel milk and are proven to relax the skin and avoid dryness. Choose your favourite fragrance from among orange, lavender, cinnamon, and lemongrass. For online orders, go to the Camel Soap Factory’s official website, or go to their store.

Bedouin Khanjars

Curved daggers, also known as khanjars, are an essential part of UAE history and tradition. Historically, men wore these swords to use during battles or hunting. Men from Bedouin tribes are still seen sporting these spectacular curved daggers today.

The detailed carved patterns on the dagger’s case will leave you in awe of the artistry! These conventional daggers are also accessible in beautiful wall-mount frames that are ready to hang on your walls at home.


A trip to Dubai for souvenirs will be incomplete without the mabkhara. In English, the popular mabkhara is also used as an incense or oud burner. These scented candles burners can be used in homes all over the Arab world, including the UAE. Electric burners are now available in a modern range that is half the original pricey models’ price.

Bakhoor And Oud

Now that you’ve got the mabkhara, add some bakhoor and oud to the mix. Unique fragrances such as bakhoor and oud (or Oudh) are commonly used in the mabkhara. Oud is one of the most fun scents you’ll ever smell, but it can be a little pricey. Bakhoor or agarwood chips, on the other hand, are more economical alternatives. When these chips are heated, they emit a pleasant fragrance.

Lucky Stones

Many individuals assume that stones and gems will positively impact one’s character and bring good luck. Fortunately, lucky stones are among the best gifts to buy in Dubai for your loved ones. These stones are ideal as a present for both men and women.

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